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Ninestar public | active in ecological environment protection construction, sida SuoSuoLin, to add a green water castle peak power

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lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets


On June 5, 2004, nearly 100 entrepreneurs founded the SEE Ecological Association in Alxa Tengger Desert, Inner Mongolia -- the first social organization in China that takes social responsibility as its responsibility, focuses on entrepreneurs and aims at Ecology protection.

"One hundred million h. ammodendron" project by la shan's charity, joint la shan relevant government departments, local herders, cooperative, and folk organizations, entrepreneurs, the public environmental protection, establish the platform participating, work together to use ten years to key ecological area in a la shan to plant one hundred million trees by h. ammodendron psammophyte, 2 million acres of desert vegetation, Thus improving the local ecological environment, curbing the spread of desertification, and improving the living standards of herdsmen with the derivative economic value of Saxaut.


Ninestar has participated in various ecological activities such as "100 Million Amsault" organized by Alxa SEE for nine consecutive years. Since March 2017, Nastar has donated 29,000 amsault trees, covering an area of 580 mu.






In the future, Ninestar will continue to support public welfare and contribute its share to the prosperity of the motherland.

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