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Driver APP Manual A4 Template FAQ
Normal questions for RM-GG 950W
Common problem:

1. Automatic printing shutdown

2. Print the fuzzy

3. Printed labels blur for a short time

4. The printer prints only empty paper and does not print out the data.

Normal questions for GG-AT 110HW
Common problem:

1. Cut continuously

2. Print blank

3. Key and indicator light

4. Print blurring

Normal questions for GG-AH 30EW
Common problem:

1. Daily maintenance of printer

2. Print paper away from the paper

3. The print is not clear and the quality is poor

4. When printing, the label goes, the carbon does not go

Normal questions for GG-AT 20EW
Common problem:

1. Daily maintenance of printer

2. Go blank paper

3. The paper doesn't go well or doesn't come out

4. The paper is slanted out during the printing process, and the printing is incomplete

Normal questions
Common problem:

1. Ribbon fracture

2. The ribbon motion sensing signal is interrupted

3. Ribbon was stuck

4. Wear or breakage of the driving belt of the ribbon driving wheel

Normal questions
Common problem:

1. If one or more vertical lines are found on the label surface, what should be done?

2. How do I solve the problem that there are multiple slanted white stripes on a label?

3. The carbon tape is correctly matched with the label, but the text cannot be printed. No error is reported on the printer or computer. How to solve this problem?

Normal questions
Common problem:

1. Why does the ink strip come out with the D1 tag strip when I print the label?

2. Is the material of our ribbon shell PET?

3. Is the band of RL-D-45013P made of polyester or vinyl?

4. Is the case of Rhino ribbon the same case?

Normal questions
Common problem:

1. RL-B-Fx-T231 cannot be used on PT-E115B machines

2. Why does the printed label have black or white horizontal lines or the printed content is unclear?

3. Why couldn't take out the ribbon?

4. What are reasons of printer tapes caused by labels?

OEM Model: RR-EP-ERC30
Ninestar Model: RR-EP-ERC30
Common problem:

1. Red color can not be printed out.

2. The printing is intermittent.

3. Light printing.

OEM Model: RR-OK-182
Ninestar Model: RR-OK-182
Common problem:

1. Short print life

2. Some of the printing is dark, some is light

OEM Model: RR-NF-ND77
Ninestar Model: RR-NF-ND77
Common problem:

1. Light printing

2. The gear wheels stop and ribbon stop running

OEM Model: RR-EP-ERC31
Ninestar Model: RR-EP-ERC31
Common problem:

1. The inked nylon is worn-out during printing.

2. After changing the inked nylon,the tape is twisted.

3. Short print life

4. Ribbon can not run

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