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China Red Cross Foundation's "Ninestar Angel Charity Program" Delivers 313 Reading Corners Constructed in Henan

Date: 2024-03-29 14:33:47 Hits: 424

On March 27th, the "Love Reading Corner," funded by the China Red Cross Foundation's " Ninestar Angel Charity Program," was delivered and put into use at a total of 313 rural primary schools in Qiyi Town, Dongwangji Township, Shaobaisi Town, and Guotan Town in Tanghe County, Nanyang City, Henan Province, China.

Guo Yang, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Red Cross Foundation, Zeng Fanchun, Vice Chairman of the Nanyang Charity Federation, and representatives from Ninestar Co., Ltd., including Yu Yiding, participated in the delivery and acceptance activities. They visited the first central primary school in Qiyi Town, Tanghe County, conducted on-site inspections of the newly constructed reading corners, and engaged in discussions and exchanges.

Each reading corner constructed in this assistance effort is equipped with 70 books covering various categories such as youth moral education, natural sciences, fairy tales, social humanities, and classics. This initiative aims to meet the reading needs of rural children, helping them acquire knowledge, develop wisdom, and cultivate morality through extensive reading.

During the event, Bai Xuejing, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the China Youth Children's News Publishing Group, delivered a public welfare lecture on the topic "What benefits can reading bring to children?" to the students of the first central primary school in Qiyi Town, Tanghe County, further inspiring students' interest in reading.

The "Ninestar Angel Charity Program" is funded by Ninestar Group and established in collaboration with the China Red Cross Foundation. It engages in charitable projects in areas such as education assistance, medical aid for serious illnesses, health intervention, and environmental protection.

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