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To Cultivate Personal Caring for Society

Date: 2020-10-10 16:54:09 Hits: 496

Ninestar clearly knows that corporates make profit from the society and shall give back in return for a more sustainable social development. Besides the lessons for soft skill enhancement and healthy personality building, Ninestar hopes the corporate charity activity could also help every individual to buy in the organization’s value to be kind and merciful in their daily lives. For example, Ninestar has initiated a charity form to combine personal exercise and philanthropy, which has been carried out for 5 consecutive years till now. The corporate pledges to make charitable donations on behalf of employees after they successfully participate in the charity walking. In the activity of transferring love, the employees not only hilariously exercise their body with the team, but also enhance their consciousness of public welfare through walking activities.

Just as Mr. Jackson Wang, the chairman of Ninestar Corporation, has said, the key of running a corporate shall fall into retaining the talents and modestly learning, Ninestar insists on regarding the development of employee as one of the priorities. Employees who give their heart and soul to the organization are sincerely appreciated for sailing ahead together through glories and hardship.

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