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Top 10 Stories of 2021 Revealed

Date: 2022-02-10 17:55:14 Hits: 412

From the launching of innovative products to the increasing effort on reducing carbon footprint, 2021 was a bumper year for Ninestar and G&G. In order, here are the top 10 headlines of 2021 posted on G&G’s official website. 

1. Ninestar Celebrates 21st Birthday by Sharing its “Key to the Door”

China-based Ninestar celebrated its “Key to the Door” anniversary on June 28 by announcing a five-pointed strategy for customers, suppliers, partners, staff and friends.

2. World Environment Day: The Sustainable Manufacturing in Ninestar

Ninestar invested US$1.3million into the construction of an advanced sewage treatment station to turn polluted water into clean reusable water. The 1,500 square meter plant processes each time 800 cubic liters of water collected after empty ink cartridges are washed ready for reuse and remanufacture. Engineers run regular strict after-treatment tests every 4 hours to make sure the processed black water is clean enough to be reused again on the flowers, grass and gardens on the Ninestar campus. 

3. Ninestar Debuts New Automation for Ink Bottles

Ninestar has added a new automated line to support the production of its replacement ink bottles for use in high-capacity ink tank printers.

Allowing a continuous mass production of 2,000 pcs ink bottles per hour, the state-of-the-art automated line enables full automation from filling to labeling. The accurate, fast and stable flow of production ensures superb ink quality as well as high efficiency while reducing manual error.

4. Ninestar to Confront Industry Hot Potatoes at Confidential Conference

The free Ninestar “Hot Potatoes” conference was a “closed” event due to the commercially sensitive content shared during the one-hour event. Specialists in the environment, intellectual property and global hardware provided snappy short presentations to provide updates on the latest changes to help achieve business growth.

5. Ninestar’s New Brother-alternative Patented Solution Gives You Peace of Mind

In 2020 and 2021, Brother claimed certain toner cartridges sold on Amazon have infringed its patents and initiated a string of takedowns. It turned out a number of listings were removed from Amazon, and numerous sellers in Europe and America are affected by the removal. Ninestar’s NEW patented replacement toner cartridges for Brother are available now! 

6. G&G Remanufactured Ink Cartridges for HP 910/912/915/962/963/964/965 Series Available Now

G&G rolled out remanufactured ink cartridges matched for HP 910/912/915/962/963/964/965 series, delivering outstanding printing results and OEM-equivalent printing experience. 

7. Ninestar Continues to Set Environment Priorities Ahead of UN Summit

Clean energy from the sun has been captured by 12,000 square meters of solar panels situated on the roof tops of the Ninestar industrial park in Nanping, since April 2018. When the weather is good, up to 300,000 kWh of photovoltaic power can be generated each month, accounting for almost 10% of the total electricity consumption needs.

8. G&G Launches New Website to Help Partners Grow Their Businesses

G&G has launched a new interactive website to help its partners to access its rapidly growing range of products and services more easily. With a cleaner and uncluttered design, the revamped website offers quick access to a new ‘cartridge finder’ function, the latest news, hot-sale products, and a support center. It is also mobile friendly.

9. Ninestar's Latest White Paper Reveals the Secret to the Company’s Incredible Growth

To celebrate its twenty-first year in business, Ninestar has published a new white paper: Ninestar—Just Watch Us Grow! The company explains in its report how it has grown from a small ink cartridge-refilling operation to the largest third-party consumables manufacturer in the world.

10. 360 Virtual Tour Takes Visitors Inside Ninestar Factories

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it forced Ninestar to pause its in-person factory tours. In March 2020, Ninestar transformed the in-person factory experience into a virtual tour designed for mobile devices using ultra-modern 360-degree VR (virtual reality) technology. In December 2021, the Ninestar team has updated the experience with three additional features: Ink factory, Solar panel system, Sewage treatment station. 

For more information, please contact a Ninestar sales manager or email info@ggimage.com. 


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